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Use PublishRow content for Your Next Hit!
No Commercial Plan Required for Package Purchases.
Packages Come with 10,000 Royalty Free Distributions

Register Your Creations to PublishRow.

Waves Editions of Poetry Grown Lyrics Series are Interactive Editions

That include usage rights to all Lyric Segments and Waves ready for customization.

Find and Build Your Next Hit Ready for Production!

Customize Your Content or Your Group Style!

Use for your Singles, Albums, Soundtracks and Stage Shows.

PublishRow Members: Get instant access to all content with Digital Interactive Series,

 along with Usage Rights to all current and future content in ongoing PublishRow Creation Bubbles.


PublishRow Collective members have usage rights to collective content with the membership. However, Edition Compilations and Segments are not included in membership usage rights. Poetry Grown Lyrics Series Editions must be purchased by everyone who would like to used its custom content, Small Music groups (up to 5 members) are covered by each edition purchase, "As long as each member has a PublishRow membership."

Drago Blaze Waves

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